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What is Masymanwiki?
Masymanwiki is free online guidebook. It is Powered by Maamedia from Indonesia and Finland. How to... guidebook is created from quality instructions on how things work, how things are used, why someone exists. Masymanwiki strives to be a guidebook for everyone so that people learn to do things right and succeed. Masymanwiki is free to use, read, share, browse and edit. It is edited and maintained by volunteers in the same way as Maamedia. The information on Masymanwiki is reliable and the articles contain sources and references. This allows the reader to check the right of information if they wish. Masymanwiki is currently written in 4 different languages.

Masymanwiki is open to anyone living on Earth.
All people should have the right to use it in all ways at all times. System administrators are responsible for the availability, infrastructure, technology, maintenance and upgrades of Masymanwiki, and Masymanwiki is always ready to run smoothly and quickly.


Quick to Use
Quick to Use

You don’t have to spend time to get an answer. The wiki is fast to use and its response time moves in seconds.

Answer to Everything

When you browse and search, you are guaranteed to get the answer to everything.

No Money - Free

You do not need money or a credit card to access, share, read, or edit Masymanwiki (or its sister wikis). It is thus free for you!

References and Sources
References and Sources

Articles on Masymanwiki include sources and references. Thus, the reader can check the right of the information.

Source code
Source Code

Masymanwiki and its sister wikis and the owner Maamedia is all open source on GitHub. Thus, anyone can see, edit and share the code and make it their own if they wish.


Masymanwiki and Maamedia are both multilingual (that’s one of Maamedia’s goals). Masymanwiki, however, is written in only four languages. More language versions Maamedia is ready to do. Tools and databases that support Masymanwiki (Maamedia Data-Wiki) are also multilingual.


Masymanwiki is currently written in four different languages (Chinese, English, Finnish, and Indonesian). Maamedia has promised to create other Masymanwikes if there is a demand for them. A list of all language versions can be found on the Meta-Wiki.